Your Projects.

Your Brand.

One Place.

Transform your customer engagements and collaboration with Zeforis, a work management platform that integrates your brand to empower your business.

A New Way to Manage Customer Engagements

Stay on Top of Tasks

Orchestrate tasks, from creation to completion, within an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflows. Assign tasks effortlessly, set statuses, and track progress in real-time.

Remain Organized with Folders

Say goodbye to cluttered projects and welcome a structured environment where tasks find their rightful place within organized folders.

With the ability to group related tasks, you'll navigate your workload with ease, maintaining a clear overview of your progress and priorities, boosting productivity.

Why Choose Zeforis?

Centralized Task Management

Create, assign, and track tasks, all within an intuitive interface that keeps your projects organized and on track.

Import / Export

Store external links & URLS


Labels for organization

Integrated Branding

Tailor the platform to your brand's identity - our custom branding feature ensures your business's uniqueness shines through every interaction, delivering a professional edge that sets you apart.

Custom login page

Color scheme & logo

Light & Dark modes

Customer Facing Collaboration

Provide a transparent and interactive experience, enabling your customers to view progress and/or actively contribute to the engagement.

Invite your customers

Multiple access levels

Additional administrators

More Features and Capabilities


Visualize engagement progress with various charts and graphs. Uncover progress trends, task distributions, and upcoming priorities. Make informed decisions and optimize your strategies with data-driven clarity.

Report Generator

Craft customized task reports, aggregating tasks based on your set criteria. Whether for emails, documents, or internal reviews, this tool allows you to deliver essential insights in a snap.

Custom Widgets

Customize widgets for your dashboard, sharing announcements and updates that make the experience truly yours.

2-Way Data Transfer

Experience seamless data flow - import tasks using our downloadable template to maximize efficiency, and export tasks tailored for your engagements.

Mobile Optimized

Enjoy the full power of work management, no matter where you are. Stay productive on the move with ease.

Dark Mode

Turn off the lights with the dark theme.

Choose the Plan Right for You

Choosing a plan is simple with our dual plan offering. Our paid plan accommodates team growth and unlimited resources with per-administrator pricing, while our free plan suits individual users with a single administrative account and limited resources.


Free Forever

Our free plan gives you the tools you need to get started with your first customer engagements.

1 Customer Engagement

200 Tasks

Unlimited Customer Invitations

Custom Login Page

Additional Administrators


$7.50per admin / mo

Unlimited Customer Engagements

Unlimited Tasks

Unlimited Customer Invitations

Custom Login Page

Additional Administrators

Compare Plans


Customer Engagements

An engagement is a project with one of your customers/clients.



The number of tasks you can create for your organization.


Customer Invitations

The number of customers you can invite to an engagement - customers have view-only access and cannot make changes to tasks, folders, etc.


Custom Login Page

Shareable custom login page for your customers & admins that incorporates your brand.


Users who can make changes within your engagement(s).

1Unlimited (cost per admin)

Report Generator

Tool for generating custom reports on task progress.


Data Transfer

Ability to import and export data to/from the platform.

Contact & Support

Questions, bug reports, feedback – we're here for it all.